VMware User Group Leader for Saskatoon No More

I will be giving up my role as VMware User Group Leader for Saskatoon. I am going to try a vBeers in Lloydminster and see what the interest would be to have a User Group here in Lloydminster. I would like to move it a closer to home and do more networking in my local area. I am thinking starting something in Lloydmisnter will allow for more focus on local industries in the area like Oil and Gas. I hope that there will be enough interest in Lloydminster to get one off the ground. I may have to broaden the appeal of it but I am thinking it should pan out.

I’ve had to drive 2.5 hours there and back for meetings and usually take a whole or part day off work to attend plus hotel costs. It wasn’t a problem in the past but a new job and twin girls make it a little harder to do. The holiday season has reinstated the importance of family and spending the most time you can with them.

I still hope to be involved with the user groups because they do provide a lot of value to the community. Let me know in the mean time if I can help out with anything else for my lair in Lloydminster. I would still be willing to speak if you have a topic that I can address.

It was great to meet and talk to all the people in the Saskatoon User Group. I hope we can stay in touch.

Thanks for the great experience.

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