VMware View 5 and MS Lync

While it will be never be supported by Microsoft(MS) it can be done. What is that you ask? MS Lync will run on VMware View and will work good if you can stay from running any USB devices. VMware offers Unified Communications (UC) API that reduces load on servers, reduces bandwidth and allows for QoS since the VoIP and PCoIP traffic can be split up. The API should allow you to squeeze more VM’s out of your hosts as well, though I am in favour of having head room for the bursting nature of VDI.

To get MS Lync to run on View 5 follow the basic guidelines that have been listed in VMware View Performance Best Practice Guidelines.
• Turn Build to Losses off
• Drop the Frame Rate to 8 – 12(I prefer 12)
• Limit the sounds quality to 100 – 150 Kbps (Note this does not affect USB devices)

The above can all be changed from the PCOIP.ADM object thru Group Policy. The Frame Rate setting is inside of the Image quality setting.

The next thing to do is go off to and download the Teradici virtual audio driver. It’s a basic install. If your upgrading from View 4.6 , the audio driver will get set back to the default windows audio device.

Once that is done all you need to do is buy a headset that is not USB. I found it hard finding a non-USB headset but stumbled upon Cyber Acoustics AC-201 Stereo Headset/microphone.

With the reduction of CPU processing for PCoIP in View 5 I think it’s ok to offer MS Lync via View to your end users.

Good Luck out there.

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