#VDI Tip 50: Combat VDI Slowness with Coffee

VDI is Slow”, This is a common saying heard when deploying VDI and it really gets under my skin. Most times it’s a crappy app or email responding slow but VDI gets blamed because it’s the new thing. Since deploying VDI is a lot like deploying a new image you have lots of things you need to get right for the user. They have been probably using a image that’s been used since XP was around and have had multiple GPO applied to them.

Make sure you get the Application owners on your side when deploying VDI. Buy them a coffee and get them access to base templates in vSphere if you’re going to install application into the base. If you don’t you will have to become an expert on every app and you won’t have the history of the environment on your side.

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