#VDI Tip 45: #View5 Persistent disks with Persona Management FTW

On #VDI Tip #37 I had gotten the idea from Jason Langone to use persistent disks to manage application performance from his article Deploying Dragon Medical with VMware View: Solution Overview The same holds true for Persona Management that is bundled with VMware View 5. Using persistent disks can act as cache to speed up log on times.

View 5 Persona Management from RTO acts in the following ways:

    User profile on a remote repository that is configured on a network

    Persona files are dynamically downloaded as the user needs them

    Persona Management does not need to download data that is the same on the local and the remote

    Persona Management is defaulted to sync to the share every 10 mins.

With using Persistent Disks and the bundled Persona Management you have a good disaster recovery option and users still have fast log on times. I also like this method without redirection in cases where you don’t have much control over the network: for example, a slow DFS share.

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