Twitter Tips for VMware View – #16 – #39

Here are the twitter tips I made up between 16 and 39. I think I will have to start doing them all from the blog so I can keep track of them. Hope some are useful for you.

#VDI Tip 16: To upgrade a ThinApp application, you must unassign and remove the older version and add and assign the newer version.
#VDI Tip 17: Never, Never delete the VM’s in vCenter before you delete desktops with View Admin. View will go into a inconsistent state.
#VDI Tip 18: To manage ThinApp apps through View Admin, you must store the MSI packages on a network share. The network share must reside in an AD domain that is accessible to your View Conn Svr host and your View desktops.
#VDI Tip 19: #ThinApp The order of precedence 4 updating files is the files in the sandbox, the virtual OS, & then physical machine #appsync
#VDI Tip 20: #ThinApp uncomment the Wow64 parameter to simulate a 32‐bit env for 32‐bit apps on a 64‐bit
OS. Wow64=0
#VDI Tip 21: Don’t use the same vCenter for VDI as you use for your Server workload. You get the license, USE IT!
#VDI TIP 22:To prevent internal resources from being accessed external, setup “Tags” for your different connection brokers.
#VDI Tip 23: Reduce the number of connection servers and help put your #SharePoint and #Exchange environment with a #Big -IP from #F5
#VDI Tip 24: Try to do all of your management from only one connection server. This will pay off if replication decides to throw up on itself.
#VDI Tip 27: Use the vregtool .exe to change registry settings in a #ThinApp package instead of rebuilding the whole package
#VDI Tip 28: Always install conn. servers with 10GB of RAM b\c it sets the java and max connections allowed. You can scale back after the install.
#VDI Tip 34: Assigning application packages created with ThinApp is not supported for desktops that are downloaded and used in local mode
#VDI Tip 33: ThinApp the View Client and place it on your company website somewhere not easily seen so your support staff can direct them to it.
#VDI Tip 35: #NetApp Don’t dedupe and waste Fast Cache on non-persistent data like temp directories. Tier the data and use different policies.
#VDI Tip 36:See between the trees,use domain filtering to speed logon times after reboot & less is more with end user options. VDMADMIN – N
VDI Tip:37 via @langonej :persistent UDD can be placed on datastores optimized 4 heavy read \ write. Use to ensure application performance
#VDI Tip 39: Make sure you have a baseline before starting replacements. It will help to battle FUD like VDI is slow.

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