My Time at BriForum

Looking forward to the week ahead. It will be great to meet some people from the land of twitter and learn from an expert group of peers in the industry. It’s also equally as good that most of the speakers are independent and are able to think freely and openly.
My Schedule for BriForum:


    Registration and Supper with the rest of the BriForum Speakers


    Going Beyond Templates and Clones: Automate Your OS Deployments and Become a Deployment Guru by Mike Nelson


    Lie To Me: Using Built-in Windows System Filter in Virtual Desktops by: Benny Tritsch


    Completely Configuring Your Desktops via Windows 2008 R2 GPOs: How to Live Without “Registry Hacks” in Your Images! by Ron Oglesby


    AntiVirus Strategy and VDI by Vincent Branger



    A Quick Look at Windows ThinPC by Gabe Knuth



    Evening: Baseball Game Cubs vs Phillies





    BYOC: Real World Implementation and Implications by Cláudio Rodrigues



    Show up for my session! Cutting Edge Operational VDI Tips: Prevention of Becoming Bleeding Edge


    Windows IOPS Deep Dive: What IOPS Means to You and Why You Can’t Do VDI Without Knowing About Them by Jim Moyle


    Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) Part 2: Latest and Unpublished Results by Jeroen van de Kamp


    RDP, RemoteFX, ICA/HDX, PCoIP, EOP, Blaze, and RGS: Remoting Protocols Turned Inside Out v2.0 by Benny Tritsch & Shawn Bass


    Evening: Geek Out Event Match your wits and test your skills during this exciting, light-hearted “geek” game show.



    Mandatory and Default User Profile Tuning by Jon Wallace


    Reducing IOPS & Utilization While Improving Performance in VDI: A Guide to Building Consistent, Predictable Virtual Desktops by : Michael Thomason


    Catch my flight home to use the new tools\information on Friday


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