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Twitter Tips for VMware View – #5 – #15

#VDI Tip 5: Keep your application data safe and have less problems with patching by deleting the sandbox after use. RemoveSandboxOnExit=1 #thinapp
#VDI Tip 6: When using a vDS and linked clones set the port binding to Ephemeral (DHCP or port binding)
#VDI Tip 7: In Adobe Reader change Page Display, in the Rendering section, DONT select LCD screens option. It’s not as friendly to PCOIP
#VDI Tip 8: Don’t forget your memory settings for you VDI VMs can have an impact on your storage…. vswap files take space.
#VDI Tip 9: Manage the burst: WAN connections drop the frame rate to 8 – 12fps #Teradici Def. = 30 fps HDx Protocol = 24 fps, Good TV = 16 fps, Office worker = 8 fps #PCOIP
#VDI Tip 10: Manage your desktops with the templates for group policy in the C:\Program Files\VMware\View Manager\Server\Extras\ directory.
#VDI Tip 11: Performance: Turn off virtual machine logging on your base to save IO. This will add up X 1000 VM’s
#VDI Tip 12: Use your events database to sent alerts to your View admins ->
#VDI Tip 13: Persistent Disks: Keep your User Data disk on separate VMFS volumes. Can we a slower Tier of disk and provides better DR. caveat from @ mletschin – Have to watch this if multiple users install apps at the same time you can see lots of slow down from disc contention
#VDI Tip 14: On a Windows client, USB devices on the client are not forwarded automatically if they are in use by another application or service when the desktop session starts

#VDI Tip 15: Turn on Message Security Mode for View. Off by default. Turn to mixed first and check for errors in the logs before turning 2 enabled



Twitter Tips for VMware View – Week of April 3, 2011

#VDI Tip1: Dont kill your self with the hard uses cases out of the gates, attack the low hanging fruit and get it right before moving on.

#VDITip 2: Lower DHCP lease time for floating/non-persistent pools. For very active pools 1 hr is a good number.

#VDI Tip 3: For better flexibility and easier DR, try and separate User profile from the OS. #appsense #profileUnity, #unidesk, user data disk, last resort Roaming profile

#VDI Tip 4: Recompose 1 machine before doing the entire pool. It will minimize down time due to the replica being created as the waiting machines are powered off. Even If you add a extra machine to create it is worth it.