Why does my session disconnect with VMware View ?

Below is some information that is a pretty good reminder of the things that can be easily glossed over, myself included. I was given this my a Teradici Support Tech. May it prevent a future end user from calling your help desk.

Question: Why does my session disconnect with VMware View 4.x? (15134-290)

Answer: There are a number of possible reasons that VMware View 4 sessions could be disconnected. Here is a list of common causes. 


Scenario – VMware View Connection Server Session Timeout Setting

The most common session disconnect is due to the VMware View Connection Server Session timeout.  This global setting will disconnect sessions after the timeout expires. The default setting is 600 minutes (10 hours). 

To avoid these disconnects, educate users that an automatic session timeout exists and/or increase the timeout value in minutes via the View Connection Server>View Configuration> Global Settings and enter the time in the Session timeout dialog box.
Scenario – SLP Discovery Enabled
This setting is used so that the Zero Client can discover the PCoIP Management Console.  A suitable alternative should be enabled prior to disabling this setting.


 Disable SLP Discover via the PCoIP Management Console or directly on the Zero Client.  Also, setup the DNS SRV record so discovery is still functional.
Scenario – Peer Loss Overlay Enabled

This setting is intended for hardware to hardware solutions only and can be safely disabled in a View environment.Resolution
Disable this setting via the PCoIP Management Console or directly on the Zero Client.


Scenario – Using Desktop Anti-virus (my own experince)

 Using software that was made for traditional desktop is bad bad bad.


Use McAfee Move or Trend Micro’s offering. McAfee Move can be used for many different platforms but Trend is more intergrated into the vSphere stack. While McAfee is flexable it’s alot more work to deploy it right

PCoIP Disconnection Codes – > http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2012101


  1. Thank you for answering these questions. They are very helpful when troubleshooting VMware View.

  2. Jerry Co says:

    My vdi session freezes and I experience it whenever the guest os(which im connected to) have a peak cpu utilization for at least 3sec. Does the freezing something to do with the number of cpu in which my vdi client is installed?

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