VMware View Upgrade Part 2 – Hosts and Agents

Phase 2 of the VMware View Upgrade to View 4.5 was simple for the most part.  Upgraded the hosts  to 4.1 and then took care of the VM tool and agents. This was pretty much the case with a few minor snags. Without a snag or two though it would be an upgrade right?

 The Host upgrade to vSphere 4.1 was really smooth expect for two host.  I had one host that would upgrade because of a vim.fault.NoHost error. It turned out that it was because of a orphaned VM. Once the VM was removed from inventory the upgrade kicked off with no problems.   In another datacentre, one host didn’t take the upgrade because after the reboot a memory problem caused the server to die.  Moved the DIMM’s around and got the server back up and running but I don’t have much faith left in the blade.  For now, HA will let me sleep at night and I made  sure that DRS doesn’t move my CEO’s desktop to that host!

It was great to see vSphere and our Equallogic Storage arrays take advantage of  vStorage APIs for Array integration. You could see the speed difference instantly, though I did do a rescan of all the storage so all the properties would show up properly.  I will turn on Storage IO control shortly. I don’t want change too many pieces at once.

For the agent part of the upgrade we did do a lot of prepping beforehand.  I had another host in our test environment that I copied the 4.1 VMware tools from so our team could do some pre-work.  All the base linked clones had their VMware tools and View agent upgraded prior to the weekend. We also had to update the Wyse TCX Suite to 4.0 to have everything compatible.  We have about 250 Wyse V10-L terminals from the View 3.0 days that we still support, the rest of View Environment are the PCoIP Samsung devices.

As a friendly  reminder make sure to do  these steps in order.   

  1. Upgrade the VM tools
  2. Upgrade the agent
  3. ipconfig /release prior to final snap shot.

The VM tools cam wreck your agent by not allowing PCoIP to work.

We had around 60 desktops from the earlier days when we didn’t run linked clones. The tools were upgrade with Update Manager and we have a great scripting  guys on staff that ran PsExec to upgrade the agents on those desktops.

My team did great job of making sure we covered everthing. Hopefully a bunch of happy users come Monday.


  1. Hi,

    Can you share the psexec command? having issues…

    psexec.exe -u domain\Administrator -p ******* @C:\PSTools\pub_pc_ip_address.txt “C:\Data\VMware-viewagent-5.1.2-928164.exe” /s /v “/qn VDM_VC_MANAGED_AGENT=1 ADDLOCAL=Core,PCoIP,SVIAgent,USB”

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