VMware View Upgrade to 4.5

Last weekend we upgraded our VMware View Environment from 4.0.1 to VMware View 4.5. We are running our upgrade in two separate phases. Phase one was to upgrade all of the View connection servers and move our infrastructure to 64 bit. Prior starting our upgrade we had all of our Wyse 10VL upgraded to version 7.0.3 and our Samsung Zero clients to Version 3.2.

Upgrading the View Servers was a pretty easy process. I do wish you didn’t have to shut down the log on services on all the connection servers when upgrading the server components. We had all of the upgrade packages waiting on the servers with a shortcut to shutdown the connection services. This was a process that I wanted to see work with my own eyes.

The next step was to upgrade our vCenter and View Composer to 64 bit hardware. The only comment here is too make sure you read the upgrade guides. There are few parts like moving the RSA keys for View Composer I am sure only VCDX’s would know about.

  We did have some snags during the upgrade with the install of vcenter to 64-bit. The ODBC connection worked but the installer wouldn’t let us upgrade because of  having multiple scheme instances. We found a KB article that talked about the fix but we had to call support. I wasn’t comfortable about deleting some redundant tables. I didn’t what that to come back to haunt me.

Upgrading vCenter Server to a newer version fails with multiple schema errors

I also highly recommend cleaning your house before the upgrade. We had an old connection server that we used for short time for a kiosk project. It had been shut down for months but since it was in the ADAM database it would not allow use to carry out recompose and refresh tasks until it was gone.

Removing a standard (replica) connection server from a cluster of connection servers

The last and final step for phase 1 was to restart all the management agents on the vSphere hosts. View Composer was running reconfiguring tasks for the heck of it. Once this was done our problems were solved.

Phase 2 will we begin soon with upgrading hosts to 4.1 and upgrading all of the tools and agents on the VM’s.


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